Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deep Thoughts....

I'll be honest - today I feel exhausted. After a day full of cleaning my own house, cleaning someone else's house, taking the kids to school and the dentist, making dinner, and attempting an online store I feel spent today. And I'm having a really bad hair day too! And, as any woman knows, bad hair can take a fragile self-esteem day and completely put it in the toilet!
Over the weekend my friend  Jessica told me about Brene Brown who happens to be a Ph.D who studies topics including shame, courage, empathy, vulnerability, etc.  I knew almost immediately upon checking out Brene's website that I would like her.  A lot of what she talks about are things I've been working on in my own life for awhile.  Issues like being authentic and the difference between guilt and shame are themes that I constantly find myself coming back to. 
Among the many fascinating things Brene has to say, one fact in particular stood out to me.  She says that based on research it has been found that when people feel vulnerable we try and numb.  We all know about numbing - let's just say it  - I numb, you numb, we all numb.  The things we numb with might be different but we all do it.  What intrigued me though was that she says studies have shown that when we as people numb the pain , we also end up numbing our capacity to feel joy.  Whoa.  Now that's big. 
So today I'm keeping it real.  I'm embracing my vulnerability.  I'm believing that despite the fact that I'm flawed and imperfect (with bad hair!) I'm also totally valuable and worthy of love.  And yes, I'm enough - just the way I am. 


  1. This is wonderful! I am learning (yes, the learning continues loooong past 40! ha!) that authenticity comes with seeing your true value, as you are doing. Then the fun part is that it leads to freedom!!