Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday's Letter

Dear Mr. Veen:  you have now been compared to a) Brendan Fraiser  b)  Jim from the office  c)  Ryan Reynolds (aka sexiest man alive!!)  or d)  all of the above.   Dear Mama and Tubbs:  this morning you were alarmingly out of food which sent you into a frenzied state.  I am mostly convinced that you are more intelligent than I give you credit for.  Dear Zee Avi:  seeing you open for Jack Johnson was so fun!  Love your BIG voice packed into that TINY body.  Dear Friday:  based on this past week I am ever so thankful to see you today - thanks for the promise of some reprieve from the rat race.  And last again to Mr. Veen:  the answer is d which means you are in good company and I did some good picking - although I don't think those other guys can hold a candle to you. 


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