Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just do it.

I’ve been running since late July.  Let me amend that – I began trying to start running in late July.  It started out with mostly walking with a minute or two of running every so often.  Those few minutes used to kill me.  I kept at it walking/jogging increasing the amount of time I jogged and now I can actually JOG for 3 miles without stopping!  I am dumbfounded by this.  Even more perplexing to me is that I actually enjoy these 30 minute jaunts in my little neighborhood.

There is something incredibly empowering to me about setting a goal and then slowly, with persistence accomplishing it.  It doesn’t happen often that I amaze myself.  Oh  - I guess every now and then I feel proud of something I’ve done or created.  Of course giving birth to my children was pretty amazing.  But on a daily basis I tend to be fairly unimpressed by my own personal accomplishments.  So this running – this is for me.  It feels good and healthy and almost meditative at times.  For me it has become more than exercise but part of the digging deep process I talked about last week.  If I'm feeling stressed out or unmotivated or just had one of those days where I'm feeling not "enough" I can lace up my tennis shoes and work up a sweat with my ipod and by the time I return I usually feel relaxed, energized and best of all so dang proud of myself!

Here I must admit that I don't always "feel" like jogging.  Here's a recent example of a rainy day I didn't want to go but was seriously happy I had by the time I was done! 



Have a terrific Tuesday!

p.s.  I have to mention my good friend Carol as being a huge inspiration for me with this:)  

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