Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Last night while browsing facebook I came across this video posted by a friend from high school and thought it was worth sharing.


I'm not sure why we like to compete with each other so much. I know I'm not immune to joining into being competitive but when I find myself falling into that I don't like how it feels.   I recently read a magazine article titled "Frenemies" by Jenny Everett.  In it she shares this sobering statistic "Eighty-eight percent of women reported feeling an undercurrent of negativity among females.  That's really sad, since we can be so good for one another.  Research has proved that female-female relationships actually boost our immunity."  I have experienced many wonderful female relationships in my life that have been inspiring and supportive as well as challenging.  For me, these types of friendships are essential and a priority in my life.  Yes, they take time and as with any meaningful relationship aren't always conflict free but the benefits far exceed the risks. 
As a mother, I hope to be an example to my daughter of how wonderful friends can be and that if we truly know and love ourselves as we are,  we'll be less likely to compare and fall into ugly competition.  Everett sums up her article by saying "In my research, the role of moms kept coming up.  We have to lead by example--no more gossiping in front of our daughters.  We also need to instill more confidence in them.  Without a healthy sense of self, they look to their peers for confirmation of their worth.  We can change that by helping them feel powerful straight out of the gate."  Well said - and just for the record if I came across a mommy like the blond in this video I'd be telling her to f-off too!

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  1. Even tho it's been a long time, I had to deal with people like that too! When they ask how old your baby was when they did............., you knew it was just so they could tell you how early theirs did it!
    BUT, my Ben did walk and talk in sentences at 10 months!! Not kidding, so there! Ha!