Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Favorite Movies 2010

I must say that movie watching is one of my favorite past times.  There's nothing quite like a great movie to transport, entertain and at best inspire!  I love independent films but not the kind that take themselves too seriously.  I also love romantic comedies or just a really good comedy for that matter.  Action/adventure and sci-fi are typically not my favorites but even I can be talked into them if the mood hits and if they're good.
So without further adu - here's my top 10 list for 2010! Keep in mind this list *may* not represent my complete unbiased opinion only because I haven't seen several I'm sure fabulous films that most possibly would have made the list.  Also these are in no particular order although I will highlight my favorites;)

The Kids Are All Right - watched this just the other night and loved it!  I found myself moved to tears during the last scene and I happen to really like all the actors in it.

Toy Story 3 - for similar reasons to the above movie I also shed a few tears in this one.  Absolutely wonderful animation - so detailed.  I'm happy I saw this in the theatre.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - this had to go on my list for two reasons:  it's unique and Michael Cera - I have a tiny little crush on him - not in a weird way  - in a he's super cute wish he was my little brother sort of way.  Does that make any sense?

Sex and the City 2 - it has to be on my list simply because it's the best chick flick of the year and I got to see it twice with a few of my favorite girl friends.  Fun movie, great memories!

The Lovely Bones - I read the book which was creepy but good.  The movie was not as good as the book , however it completely freaked me out both times I watched it  AND there's some wicked pyrex in the 70's era kitchen and you know how I love pyrex.

Alice in Wonderland - O.k. (deep breath) I have to admit that I actually didn't watch this from start to finish.  What?? !!  I know, I can't believe myself and am a bit disgusted right now.  That said - I loved what I saw - the visual is just awesome and Johnny Depp - that's all.

How to Train your Dragon - I loved the message in this movie.  It's all about being your own person, breaking out of expected roles.  All in all wonderful movie!

Ramona and Beezus - These were probably my favorite books growing up, maybe because I identified with the northwest vibe.  This movie didn't get super reviews but I don't care - I thought it was sweet and happy and of course I like the fact it's supposed to be in Portland (although they filmed in Canada). 

Eat, Pray, Love - Again a movie based from a book!  This book is on my shelf mixed in with Anne Lamott and Brennan Manning so it has a special place for me.  Even though the film isn't as good as the book it has some amazing moments and I have a whole new respect for Julia Roberts after seeing her in this.

Babies - Beautiful, beautiful!  The photography in this film was stunning to me and I absolutely fell in love with the baby boy from Mongolia.  Added bonus :  we watched it with the kids and they found it funny and entertaining  - I'd like to think it was also educational.  Fabulous documentary!

And here's a list of the movies I haven't seen yet that very well could have been on my list:
Get Low
Going the Distance
Never Let Me Go
The Social Network
It's Kind of a Funny Story

Finally I stumbled upon a preview for a movie coming out in 2011 that looks super intruiguing to me starring two of my favorite actors Sean Penn and Brad Pitt.  Here's the preview for Tree of Life  - gives me goosebumps!

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