Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Daffodils are Coming....

In many places around town they are here.  Their happy yellow faces shout that spring is close.  In my front yard they look like the above picture, which to me has become as beautiful as the opened bulb.  There is something about this study yet short lived flower that reminds me of my humanness.  I am trying to take a lesson from these little flowers - vulnerable and strong exist beautifully together. 

And I love the color yellow just like my dad.

I have a soft spot for daffodils.

Hope abides; therefore I abide.
Countless frustrations have not cowed me.
I am still alive, vibrant with life.
The black cloud will disappear,
The morning sun will appear once again
In all its supernal glory.
                                                                                               ~Sri Chinmoy

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