Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Note to Self.....

Today I got a letter in the mail.  Getting a personal, hand written letter is always exciting to me and todays was no different.  I looked at the handwriting which looked familiar  - but I couldn't quite place it.  The return address was marked simply with a heart.  From Oakland California?  Who do I know there?  Hmmm - maybe a secret admirer?  A long lost friend or classmate?  It was a mystery!

And then I realized - - this letter was from me!

I wrote it as part of an exercise for my online class on January 12th,  and had completely forgotten about it!  At the time I remember feeling a bit weird about it.  Words like cheesy, silly, woo-woo, sappy, narcissistic - yeah, those crossed my mind.  And honestly I won't blame you if you think that too.  But, I have to admit - this was a useful exercise.  The things I was prompted to write about are good reminders of how I want to live intentionally.  Here's just a portion of my letter:

These are some things I appreciate most about you:
1.  You care deeply about the people in your life and make time for your relationships.
2.  You are encouraging.
3.  You are learning resilience and how to be kind to yourself.

Here are some ways I wish you would be kinder to yourself:
1.  Believe in yourself - stop doubting your abilities.
2.  Know you are enough - right here, right now.
3.  Slow down more often.  Give yourself permission to quit once in awhile.

This winter I give you permission to:
1.  Go to bed EARLY!
2.  Take hot baths WITH candles.
3.  Buy only what you truly love.

While I'm still working on being kind to myself, I have to admit that progress is being made.  After all - sleeping more, buying less and taking bubble baths is pretty fun! 

Especially if you have dark chocolate to nibble on while taking your bath.....


  1. This seems like the best time and place to finally say: xoxoxoxo!

  2. I love that you did not quite recognize the handwriting or recall sending it! What a great and meaningful exercise, I love it! Being kinder to yourself is a lovely and difficult thing isn't it? Wonder why that is.