Tuesday, March 22, 2011


"Sometimes another woman's story becomes a mirror that shows me a self I haven't seen before. When I listen to her tell it, her experience quickens and clarifies my own. Her questions rouse mine. Her conflicts illumine my conflicts. Her resolutions call forth my hope. Her strengths summon my strengths. All of this can happen even when our stories and our lives are very different."
Sue Monk Kidd

As my Grandma spends her last days here on earth, I've been thinking much about story.  Hers of course is forefront in my mind, but it's prompted me to consider again that everyone has a story, history and context.  I love looking at the old photo albums of my ancestors, particularly the women.  The clothes, houses, and everyday objects they lived with are endlessly fascinating to me.  But behind all of that, as I look at the different faces of these women who are my tribe, I wish I could sit down and know their stories.  Surely there is much to learn behind the smiling eyes posed so happily in pictures.  What secrets, loves, hates, hang-ups and passions are represented in these old black and white photos?  One thing I know is true:  I come from a long line of strong women. 

The above artwork is displayed at Mcmenamins Hotel Oregon in Mcminville.  This piece catches my eye every time I see it and has remained in my memory over the years.  I love the posture of these two old gals, their flowered dresses and black shoes.  They seem to have a reserve of confidence and strength coming no doubt from a life filled with story. 

 And so as I read stories about the past I am inspired to continue to share my story.  It is I believe the very essence of life.  Our stories.  And sharing them.

  "I wondered which was harder, in the end.  The act of telling, or who you told it to.  Or maybe if, when you finally got it out, the story was really all that mattered."
~Sarah Dessen

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  1. I am honored to have you as part of my story.