Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 favorite things ~ April

1.  Columbine.  No, not the grotesque school shooting people - the FLOWER!  What do you take me for - some kind of weirdo?  Columbine are sort of weedy looking sometimes but if you look closely they are the coolest looking little flowers.  And the best part is they come in lot's of different varieties and colors.  I have several coming up around my yard right now and they make me quite happy.

2.  Diane Keaton.  I think she's funny, smart and cool.  I want to be like her when I grow up.

3.  Friendship Bracelets.  I remember making these in grade school and wouldn't you know it  - they've made a resurgence!  These from Etsy are pretty cute!

4.  Tunic's.  Part dress, part shirt  = it's all good!  I find myself gravitating to these this time of year when I am SICK AND TIRED of wearing jeans but it's still too FREAKING COLD to go without something covering my white legs.  Solution - I can wear these over skinny jeans or leggings now and as a sundress later.  Brilliant no?  This is from a great little shop ellainaboutique.  I have one of her dresses and it's a favorite!

5.  Nurse Jackie.  This show was recommended to me from several people based on my love of United States of Tara.  I'm officially hooked!  If you like dark comedy you'll love Jackie.

6.  Strawberries.  We're getting fairly close to our local Oregon strawberries being in season.  Can't wait!

7.  Vintage milk glass.  Right now I have a little display on my mantle.  Milk glass coffee mugs are my #1 search @ the thrift lately.  Love them!  I also would be quite pleased to stumble upon a plate like this one.

8.  The Royal Wedding.  Let me just say that I maybe might be setting my alarm for the wee hours Friday morning so I can be swept up in this epic event.  After all I watched both Di and Fergie when they got hitched.  And those marriages were stellar.

9.  Stories.  So today myself and three other neighborhood mothers were flipped off by a middle aged man in a large black truck while trying to cross the street.  One of the mothers had a small child in a stroller.  We were in a CROSSWALK.  FOUR of us (not including small child) and this IDIOT decided he didn't need to stop for us  - and when we threw our arms in the air gesturing our disbelief at his ASININE behavior he FLIPPED US OFF!  
*at least one of us may have flipped him off in return.  specific identities will remain anonymous.

10.  Inspirational Prints.  Like this one from Kelly Rae

Couldn't have said it better myself!


  1. RE #9: I wish I had been around to throw a rock or something. I hate when people act like that. I am sorry.

  2. I am with you on the royal wedding as well as many of the others...