Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Go on a date already!

Although I'm not really a "soapbox"  kinda gal, there are a few things that I feel passionately enough to defend.  So hold on, if you get easily offended today might not be for you.  The thing I want to talk about today is dating - specifically going out on regular dates even  after you've been married for 5, 10, 15, heck even 17 years!  I know some may scoff and say this is only for those cute, fluffy, romantic types but I would argue that it's one of the things that keeps my marriage to Mr. Veen so strong.  I think it's a non-negotiable, a must, and needs to be a priority for couples.

And yes, I have to admit that we have a sweet deal worked out with my parents who actually offer and want to take our kids every other week.  We are darn lucky - I'm very aware of that!  But even before we had that arrangement with them we traded with friends, joined babysitting co-ops, and have hired babysitters in order to get dates.  It's one of the main reasons I will almost always say "yes" if a friend is looking for help watching kids so they can get out with just their husband.  And even if you have to pay for babysitting isn't your marriage one of the most ( if not most) important things you could invest in? 

Sorry - see? soapbox....

O.k. - lest you think I'm too much of a Pollyanna and assume Mr. Veen and I are just one of those "special", "chosen" couples let me ease your mind right now.  I'm not going to go into the details of my marriage on a blog, but I will say we work at it.  And yeah, we get in fights and get annoyed with each other.  We often don't see eye to eye on things from what time to make breakfast on Sundays to how to co-parent our children.  However,( probably in large part to the fact that we still date) we really and truly are each others best friend.  I would rather hang out with Mr. Veen than anyone.  We have great, long talks but we also love being silly together.  In fact, laughing together is so important and no one can crack me up quite like my husband!

So, please - for the love of pete go out on a date already!  Spend time with the person you chose to do life with.  It's important.  The End.

P.S.  If you can't find a babysitter you know who to call......;-) eeeekkkk!!

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