Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cupcake Wine

Awhile back I discovered this delightful brand of wine and was instantly smitten with it's cute name - cupcake.  I was further delighted by it's taste and especially favored the Chardonnay.  But a few days ago I was strolling through the store and spied the familiar logo with Red Velvet printed on the bottle.  What?!  Red Velvet cupcake wine?  Now this I had to try.

The label describes this wine well:  "This wine shows a heady nose of chocolate, deep rich blackberries, red fruits, and a creamy mocha finish that is unmistakable in its intensity and length.  It's reminiscent of a blackberry chocolate cupcake with a mocha coulis."

I tasted it and agree that the mocha finish is unmistakable.  I'm no wine expert but I enjoyed the fact that it doesn't end on an oaky or bitter note but definitely has layers and the coffee taste.  I think this wine is delicious on it's own and would also be yummy served with dark chocolate for dessert.  I grabbed this bottle for about $9 which is a great price for a fun wine such as this!

Go out and try some for yourself and give me your review!


  1. Most of the time the flavor descriptions on the different wines always sound kind of cheesy to me. But you make this one sound particularly tasty to me.

    I will have to try that out. Is it a problem if I do a taste test alone in my bedroom at 8:30 in the morning?

  2. Great review Erin!! I haven't been a huge fan of Cupcake wines, but after reading this you have hooked me...I will have to try it out! :)