Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Mr. Veen:  today we were discussing how your new haircut is reminiscent of Brad Pitt in his latest movie Tree of Life.  Just another reason I'm in love with 50's/60's old school.  Dear Costco:  after yesterdays trip I was affirmed in my decision to refrain from entering into a long term relationship with you.  Dear Henry:  lately my favorite new phrase to use around the house is "Oh Henry!" ; this only makes me love you more.  Dear Noah and the Whale:  I love absolutely everything about this song and video - that's all.  Dear Cabin Camping Trip:  I'm excited and nervous about you all in one.  Please be kind.  And last to Mr. Veen: what do Bachelor Pad, family reunions, no privacy, pregnancy and ranchers all have in common?  Leave it to you to figure that one out!  Love ya.


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