Monday, August 29, 2011

A Perfect Afternoon

Yesterday I was afforded the rare treat of an afternoon to myself (and here's the clencher) IN MY OWN HOUSE.  Some of you will understand the magnitude of this gift.  Mr. Veen packed up the kids, the dog and himself and went off to the lake leaving me to enjoy probably the last quiet afternoon I will have this summer.  Mr. Veen earned himself some serious bonus points yesterday!

I loved having the day to putz lazily around my house and ended up spending a good chunk of the afternoon reading in the backyard.  I am officially "hooked" by the Harry Potter series and am almost done with book two.  But my blissful day of rest would not have been nearly as fun without the following little concoction I came up with.  I've dubbed it "Spiked Watermelon Lime Granita" and it is delightful indeed!

Here's a very loose recipe - adapt to suit your fancy.  Of course the granita is wonderful without the alcohol as well, but since you're dealing with me  - you get the alcohol version....

Watermelon (seedless cut in chunks)
Lime Juice ( a few limes will do!)
Sugar (I used around 1/3 cup for 1/2 a large watermelon)
Splash of Vodka

Blend melon, lime juice and sugar in batches.  Pour this mixture into a baking pan, cover with saran wrap and freeze to your liking...(I was impatient and didn't really freeze mine for long!).  As the mixture freezes, take a fork and stir and scrape to create the granita mixture.  This process will take a few hours.  Add vodka at the end, shake it all up and serve.  Delicious for a hot summer day!

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