Thursday, August 4, 2011

Saturday Morning Suprise!

Just about the time I begin to think life couldn't get any crazier around here, something significant happens to change my mind.  Last month it was a new dog and kidney stones, this past weekend it was a turtle.  Here's the story.

We had just gotten home from the kids' Sat. morning swim lessons at the Y and were unpacking bags when Ella came tearing through the door screaming something at the top of her lungs.  At first I thought - "Crap - someone's hurt" but after a few minutes began to unscramble her words which were:  "THERE'S A TURTLE IN OUR BACKYARD!!!!".  Really?  No Joke?  I walked out to the backyard and witnessed the following...

This little fellow was just chillin in the barkdust in our backyard.  These are the thoughts that ran through my head:  "What the *%#@!" and then "We are sooo not keeping a turtle - we have ENOUGH animals around here." 

I'm pretty sure our kitty Tubbs was also thinking "What the #@$%*!"

Of course Jake and Ella were instantly smitten and immediately began googleing what to feed turtles.  Jake was convinced that God had read his mind and miraculously dropped a turtle in the backyard just for him.  I did what any sane person would and let Tom figure out what to do with the thing.  Turtles creep me out just a tiny bit - something about their general head and neck region.  To me they look like a snake with legs and a shell.

So "Turdy the Turtle" was taken to a nice lady that runs Salem Wildlife Refuge out of her home.  I'm sure he is now enjoying life somewhere in Minto Brown Park which is far, far away from my backyard!

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