Monday, October 17, 2011


Happy Monday!  I just got back from spending a lovely weekend with family celebrating my niece Aimees 18th birthday.  My brother Mark and his wife Nancy live in Eagle Point Oregon and they wined, dined, and showed us such a wonderful time.  It was extra hard returning to the cold gray of the valley after spending clear, sunny, WARM days exploring the quaint towns of Jacksonville and Ashland. 

Mark is 6 years older than me and he's always been the quintessential big brother.  I can remember thinking I was so cool when his high school friends would talk to me in 5th grade.  Even better were the days he used to pick me up from high school in his speedy Geo Metro blasting Prince on the tape deck.  I loved riding around with him and am convinced that at least part of my love of music and memorizing lyrics came from him. 

So Mondays video goes out to Mark.  Thank you for hosting a fun weekend and for being the best big brother a girl could ask for!  Looking forward to next time:)

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