Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Mr Veen:  last night while looking at you lying on the couch I said: "You look like death warmed over"; well this may have been a slight exaggeration and I'm sorry for that.  Also, I'm sorry you have such a bad cold.  Dear New Shoes:  why couldn't you have been honest from the beginning and told me you were going to KILL my feet after an hour of wearing you?  Dear Henry:  ever since Mr. Veen was out of town overnight you've taken to sleeping on the bed.  At what point did I become such a sucker for you?  You are definitely our new baby!  Dear Trader Joes:  thank you for supplying all my fall essentials:  pumpkins, apple cider, pumpkin bread and YES pumpkin beer = delish!  Dear Mumford & Sons:  how I do love thee!  The following is the first song I ever heard of yours and I was hooked.  Bonus points for dropping the f-bomb in such an artistic sensitive way.   This song proves that sometimes there's no substitute for a well placed swear word.  And last to Mr. Veen:  this is the first weekend for awhile that we're all going to be home together - yippee!  Can't wait to spend some time with you and my favorite peeps.


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