Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today is a big day for me.  I'm in the process of applying to graduate school and today is the last step before I find out if I've been accepted into the program.  Ugg.  It's a group interview - and I'm a tad nervous about the whole thing!  So, if you think of me today I'd love some happy thoughts or prayers or anything good sent in my general direction. 

I'll let you know how everything turns out!  EEEK!!


  1. That is awesome Erin, hope it went smoothly. They would be dunces to reject you, fact!

  2. Still waiting for a report on how it went...

  3. The interview went pretty well I think! Amazingly - I didn't feel horribly nervous during it.;) Now, I just have to patiently wait to hear if I made the cut...hopefully I'll know before Thanksgiving!!