Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Mr. Veen:  I officially know it's winter when we have to roll up a towel to put by the attic door.  Brrrr!  Dear Lucky Pockets:  I know it must be hard to be the least admired of all the animals in this house, but could you please keep your midnight frolics down?  I don't particularly enjoy being woken up at 4a.m. by a hamster.  Thanks.  Dear Nathaniel Rateliff:  I had heard of you before I found out you are opening for Mumford and Sons, and had a feeling you were good.  However, now that I've taken a thorough listen I am sold.  Love this song.  Love these lyrics.  Dear Self:  Congrats on making a serious dent in the Christmas shopping, now to wrap it all.  And last to Mr. Veen:  I love you.  That's all.

Happy Friday Peeps!

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