Monday, January 9, 2012


For my son Jakes birthday this year we took him and some friends to a place called Sky High.  Basically, it's a large warehouse with several stages made up of trampolines.  The trampolines are not only on the ground,  but also make up the walls.  As you might imagine this concept was extra fun to a group of eleven year old boys with nothing but energy to burn in the middle of winter!  

My favorite section of Sky High was made up of a foam pit ,which those brave enough to try, leaped into.  Some of the boys flipped in, others ran as fast as possible, and many first timers simply walked in. 

What is it about leaping that is so fun, exhilarating, and completely scary at the same time?  And why does it seem that in order for us to learn and grow big leaps of faith are required from time to time?  

I am standing at an edge getting ready to leap in.  I wish I could say I'm not completely terrified - but at this moment I am.  I'm hoping that like the kids leaping into the foam pit the particular type of jumps I'm attempting might become less scary and more fun with time.  But until then like the little girl in the painting above, I'll cling to my balloon of hope and leap!


  1. You can do this and you are going to thrive!!

  2. The butterflies are what make the leap worth every scary second - that slight moment of freedom and suspension at one second in our lives. Totally worth it. Kids are onto something.