Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bloody Gorgeous!

Last night I had the chance to go see an amazing person and author Susannah Conway.  Susannah is so many things - artist, writer, teacher and just all around beautiful authentic person.  I just finished reading her new book (which is why she's on tour) and was moved by her story and the honest and vulnerable way in which she shares herself.

Actually - I wasn't fully prepared for how much I would truly like this person.  It was an intimate gathering of only 35 or so women and Susannah greeted me with a genuine hug and sparkle in her eye.  When it came time for her to read a portion of her book I was impressed that she just read - no perky, false fanfare - she was refreshingly real and down to earth.  Her British accent was so charming and she has a wicked sense of humor that I was instantly drawn to.  Yes, it's safe to say I have a full blown girl-crush!

At the end of the reading there was a chance to meet Susannah and have her sign your book.  As I had borrowed the book I didn't have anything for her to sign but I wanted to chat with her for a minute anyway and had her sign a book mark for me.  We chatted for a moment about what it feels like to be on the brink of turning forty.  One of the things she talks so beautifully about in her book is the tension between being healthy (eating right and exercising) and being kind to yourself.  As she puts it "some days just need a little sugar sprinkled on them".  I love that.  We ended our conversation by affirming how fabulous we both are and as I glanced at my bookmark saw that it read "Dear Erin, you are bloody gorgeous!"

I can officially say I've never been told that before!

So, I was creatively inspired and challenged last night to again be intentional.  Intentional with taking care of myself, nurturing my creative soul, and loving those around me.  Today is going to be another beautiful, sunny day.  Enjoy it and your bloody gorgeous selves! 

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