Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Middle School

It's hard for me to believe it - but yesterday I sent my thing one, Jake, off to his first day of middle school.  He was decked out in his outfit of choice:  black skinny jeans, gray t-shirt, pinkish/red hoodie and high top skater shoes.  He is one handsome devil.

Middle school so far feels very mysterious to me.  With grade school I was allowed to walk the kids in, encouraged to volunteer, and knew the exact protocol for drop offs and pick ups.  Yesterday I thought it best to let Mr. Veen drop Jake off as I was worried I might embarrass him by NEEDING to walk him in or help him with his locker.  When in came time for pick up I completely botched it by driving up the wrong one way street and having to circle back around past the school.  Jake stood on the corner with a disgusted and bewildered look on his face - I was glad for the tinted windows in our new car.

And so it was that I found myself entirely relieved (after having spent the morning on edge of a panic attack) when Jake got in the car and I asked the age old question:  "How was school today" to which he replied: "Good."

It was "Good."  Not a fake "good" where you really know it wasn't good and they're just trying to get you off their back.  No, it was good.  He liked it!

And that's all I need to know right now.

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