Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Blessing

Today I was the recipient of a blessing.  Now, for me this it not a regular occurrence in my life.  Sure from time to time I receive affirmations that go above and beyond exteriors to the real core of my spirit. Those moments when another has spoken truth about me and I'm able to embrace it.

I've struggled in the past with the word bless/blessed/ blessing.  In my days of being fully immersed in church culture it seemed people would casually throw those words around and often times it sickened me.  I remember at one point vowing never to utter "that really blessed me" or sign a card with "Blessings, Erin".  It felt so fake and cliche to me.

Imagine my surprise then when as part of a book report presentation my friend and classmate Sandra told me she'd received a blessing for me that she'd like to share in class.  Perhaps because Sandra is such an authentic person I didn't flinch at all!  I said "Yes, I like blessings!".  Have I come full circle?  What is going on?

I was so touched by the blessing Sandra gave me. What an incredible and timely affirmation of the path I feel God has led me to.

"I want to share with you that you are grounded in the peace and stillness of the beloved and this place of homeostasis surrounds you fully.  In many ways it is like you draw from a deep, blue, enticing pool of refreshing water that God has planted within you, and you are currently learning to tap this pool at a deeper level.  Each person you come in contact with is in turn blessed by your solidness and grounded connection to yourself and your God.  I am thankful for your presence in class and your willingness to share yourself at whatever level you can, and as you do this in humility it tends to be very powerful for others and gives peace and hope.  Eventually this will also impact your counseling practice on many spiritual levels."

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