Friday, November 5, 2010

Sweet Inspiration

Often I find myself inspired by music.  Most of the time when I take the time to find the video associated with a particular song that's moved me I am sorely disappointed.  Usually the video I had conjured up in my own mind is far better than whatever I see which often times consists of artist's taking the opportunity to make themselves look as cool and sexy as possible.  This morning however, I stumbled upon a video via one of my favorite blogs that is truly beautiful.

sigur ros from Joseph Elliott Schlabs on Vimeo.

It reminds me of being young and full of dreams and optimism, it makes me think of my kid's and finally it fills me with hope for the next generation and all it holds.  And the fact that it's got gorgeous scenery doesn't hurt one bit!
And to complete my thought of finding inspiration - I found some at Goodwill today:

Aw - isn't he sweet?  My first Christmas purchase of the season:)

The happy little pillow was an instant - yes.  It's just so cute and fun and yes yellow - and in wonderful condition.  The fruit crate is just awesome to have to create all kinds of fun little groupings and also great for storage.

All in all a very fun trek!  Hope your Friday brings you all sorts of inspiration!


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  1. My mom used to teach ceramics classes in our garage and she had that mold. So cute! There was a whole line of them, all singing their hearts out.