Thursday, December 9, 2010

DIY pom-pom garland!

A few weeks ago I was flipping through my latest issue of Bust magazine when I spied this super easy and adorable pom-pom garland project.  I'm not a big fan of complicated projects that end up taking days on end and costing just as much or more than going out and buying whatever it is your making.  Some people get off on that sort of thing, but not me.  I'm just happy to make something cute, simple, fast and cheap! 
This took my daughter Ella and I maybe 30 minutes and we each made one.  Here's what you'll need:

1.  Assorted pom-poms - you can choose different sizes and colors to your liking.
2.  Assorted beads - again choose sizes and colors you like.
3.  Thick thread (we used embroidery thread)
4.  Embroidery needle

Simply thread the pom-pom's and beads together in you desired pattern!  It's best to start with a pom-pom - that way it stays on without having to tie a knot in the end.

I had alot of fun with these!  They'd be cute so many different places (Christmas tree, decor for gift-giving, party decorations) but I especially like the way mine looks on the fireplace.....

 Ella got into it too and ended up putting her garland up in her room under her loft bed ~ cute!

Here's hoping you all have a warm and cozy Thursday!


  1. I love the pom pom garlands here! So cute and such a relief because my first glance at your title told me it said "porn porn" and "Bust" magazine is a new one I've never heard of! Haha!
    No, I'm not gonna go any further down this road.....nope.

  2. That's hilarious!! Thanks for giving me a good Thurs. night chuckle;-)