Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm so FULL!

Happy Monday after Christmas!  Today my plan was to share with you a few recipes from Christmas Eve but I must admit I'm too full to even think about food right now.  So unless anyone's interested in carrots, celery and salad there will be no food-type postings this week!
And speaking of the week ahead I'm  taking a mini-vacation!  Well, vacation might be a tad of an exaggeration but I am going away to a place that will not have internet connection thus my throngs of admiring fans will have to endure a few days of me not posting.  Somehow they will survive. 
Yes, I'm packing up my peeps and heading to a cabin in the mountains!  The technical definition is "deluxe" cabin which means we'll have heat, electricity, an indoor bathroom(YES!), sink, fridge, microwave and gas grill (*note NO T.V., NO VIDEO GAMES, NO INTERNET).  I'm super excited to play in the snow, read, play games, and generally connect with my nearest and dearest.  Hopefully we'll come out of the experience alive and intact;-)  I'm taking my camera (of course) and will be sharing the experience with YOU my adoring fans sometime soon!
Until then - here's some pictures of where we're going.  It's supposed to SNOW there Tues, and Weds. nights - yippee!!

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  1. Yay, that looks and sound wonderful! Happy for you, such a perfect ending to Christmas season! I'll be looking forward to the great pics you will capture!