Thursday, January 27, 2011

Estate sale finds and inspiration!

Last Saturday in between Jake and Ella's basketball games I stumbled upon an estate sale!  I am somewhat of a newbie when it comes to estate saleing although I have learned that once in awhile a person can find some lovely things.  Generally, it seems to be feast or famine and this particular sale had several things I could have snatched up, so I had to muster every ounce of self-discipline!  It helped to have Ella with me who reminded me as I was in a state of near panic while pawing through the linens "Mom, don't you already have a bunch of these?"  Ahhh yes, the wisdom of a child.  Thank God she was with me!

my treasures!

I spied the cute little mugs first and instantly knew I had to have them!  I'm a sucker for vintage mugs and the quirkier the better!  These got triple bonus points for being glass bake, red and white checked and monogrammed!!  Now Tom and I can pretend to be "Harry" and "F" (who I imagine to be Flo)....

And that got me thinking (dangerous!) - wouldn't this print be cute in the kitchen?

I didn't see the lantern until I was almost leaving - maybe someone ditched it at the last minute!  Well I've been wanting a lantern just like this for awhile now and bonus points again for being RED!  This will look good so many places in mi casa. 
It would look especially good next to this poster.....

via Etsy

I'm looking forward to a lovely Thursday full of fun! 

psst - Tomorrow's Friday ALREADY!!

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