Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Mr. Veen:  this morning you said you love it when mama sighs.  I'll try not to be jealous of a cat.  Dear Saturday:  for your day we will be doing a) two basketball games b) three birthday parties c)  one small group or d)  all of the above.  Dear Jeff Bridges:  it's possible I have a *teeny*, tiny crush on you in that I increasing think you seem like a super cool guy!  Also - LOVED you in Crazy Heart and it would have been on my movie list for 2010 but technically it came out in 2009.  Dear January:  so far I like you quite a bit - keep up the good work and I'll keep taking my vitamin D pills.  Dear Mr. Veen:  the answer is d which means we have a heck of a crazy day tomorrow - so crazy that I actually wrote down an hour by hour itinerary.  Thankful you're along to help me on this crazy ride called parenthood - I really couldn't do it without you!

Ryan Bingham : The Weary Kind
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p.s.  If you haven't seen the film Crazy Heart I highly recommend it!  It tells a gritty and powerful story about recovery, second chances and living an authentic life.  Good, good stuff.


  1. I really like Jeff Bridges, too, though I never really noticed him before I saw him in Seabiscuit. He's one of those actors who can completely disappear into a role; in Seabiscuit he was so much like my adopted grandfather, who came of age during the same era as the movie took place; he had the same speech patterns and mannerisms - it was almost creepy to me.

  2. wow, your Sat sounds so crazy and exhausting!
    We enjoyed Crazy heart a lot too. just watched it a few nights ago!