Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inspiration: Chrissie White

I was flipping through my mom's donated issues of Oprah magazine the other day and came across this image which stopped me in my tracks....

I quickly scanned the article to find out that this amazing photo had been taken by a 17 year old artist named Chrissie White who lives in Seattle.  I love the feeling of her photos and was even more impressed to read she didn't photo-shop the above image.  Taken from the interview in Oprah:

Amazingly, White collaberated with a friend, Clara Pathe, to conjure this fairy-tale vision without the help of Photoshop.  "I jumped onto the bed while Clara took the shots, and this is the one that worked, " White explains.

Maybe it's because I too am a Northwest girl that I love the above images and the dreamy/woodsy feeling they conjure. 

For White, who lives in a woodsy Seattle suburb, an idea often strikes on an amble to, say, a barren beach or a pond's mossy shore.  "I find places when I'm out walking or driving, and I invent stories about what could happen there"

This one reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood or Where the Wild things are!

Many of White's pictures combine playful whimsy with the sinister undercurrents of a Brothers Grimm tale.

I hope Chrissie continues with her gift - I'm inspired and amazed at the talent this very young lady has!  For more info. on this artist you can visit here or here:)

Happy Thursday - the weekend cometh!

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