Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shopping Therapy!

So, yesterday I had a little out patient procedure to fix my de-funct veins.  Yes one of the lovely side effects I incurred from having my beautiful children was some unsightly and uncomfortable varicose veins!  And that's all I'm going to really say about it because thinking about it too much causes me to go all weak and unable to make a fist. 
Anyway, things went good and I'm actually feeling pretty o.k. but I had to spend yesterday and a chunk of today in bed and after taking a few naps, watching The Bachelor and reading I really had no other choice than to shop!  Well, virtual shop that is.  And virtual shopping is so lovely because you can browse and pick out whatever you want and it ALMOST feels like your actually buying the items.  I just tell myself that - in a few days I'll be getting some lovely packages with some of these:

and if I get those than I really must have these too!

And of course to balance everything out I really should get these....

Of course I'd look kind of silly wearing brand new shoes without some new outfits to go along with them --right?  Exactly!

And just in case Mr. Veen asked me on a date for maybe my birthday or Valentines day it would be fun to dress up a little.  Just a tiny bit...

By the way, my mom will remember that I used to have a dress almost identical to the polka dot number.  And I LOVED that dress!  It makes me happy to see it back in style again. 

And if you've made it to this point in the post thanks for coming along with me on my little shopping spree!  I hope to do a little real shopping sometime very soon and now my wheels are a spinnin!  All of these can be found at Anthropologie, ModCloth and J. Crew and most of it is out of my price range.  Sigh...

FYI:  tomorrow's Friday - whoo-hoo!!


  1. I know this may sound odd coming from me. Well know that I think about it. I realize it probably isn't that odd coming from me. :) I really like the first shoes you have a picture of. They are super cute.

  2. one advantage to virtual shopping - you don't have to worry about the shoes not fitting. ;P

  3. hahaha! Lance - you crack me up! I know those shoes are awesome!! Maybe I can score a pair in my price range....
    Marcy - you are correct about the fit part! I love that in my head everything fits perfectly and looks amazing!