Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's kind of a funny story

Last Sunday for my birthday Tom and I got to go on a date up to Portland.  Our plan was to have lunch and stroll around the fun artsy area of Mississippi avenue.  And that's where the story begins....

The night before our date we had watched the latest episode of Portlandia which featured this hilarious skit.  Throughout the day we'd heard people joking about "bird's on things" as we looked through the various shops.  Near the end of our afternoon we ducked into a little store selling mostly local artists work.  We were happily browsing around when another couple entered and asked the gal working there if she had anything "with a bird on it".  They were snickering and joking about the whole thing and frankly the girl didn't seem that amused.  She sort of gave them a blank look as if to say "yeah, you're not funny....I get that a lot".   The couple proceeded to confirm that this was indeed THE store the Portlandia skit had been filmed in , to which the very weary and now annoyed cashier affirmed "yes, this is the one, ha, ha...(get the hell out of here), ha!". 

By this point although the whole thing was highly entertaining , I was starting to feel bad for the poor store keeper.  I had a feeling she'd had this very same conversation MANY times and she seemed to be gritting her teeth and trying to hold onto some form of politeness, although I knew she was going to loose it at any moment.  Finally there was somewhat of an awkward pause for the couple had finally stopped joking around and it was at this point that the woman asked her final question:  "No, really - can you please show me something with a bird on it?  We have some friends visiting us from out of town and we really want to find them something from THIS store with a bird on it". 

And that my friends is why I never want to work in retail again!

All joking aside, part of the reason this spoof is so funny to me is that I happen to love things with birds on them!  In fact in my house right now there are several items with birds and that doesn't even count the things I'd still love to buy.  Here's a few of them.....

via Creative Thursday

via the suspect shoppe

via Matte Stephens

See how cute things are when you put a bird on them?

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