Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making Space...

 I'm finally beginning to understand that I'm a person who needs a certain amount of space.  The classic definition of an introvert, I'm generally not super energized after spending time with large groups of people. And I know that I need down time to myself in order to operate at my full capacity.  But even though I know this about myself I don't always do it.  In this busy, busy world it's hard to find space and quiet and there's always more on the to do list.  In fact often it feels selfish to say I need time to myself.  But I have to believe that by taking this time and making it a priority I'm actually doing the people that I love a favor - because I'm so much happier to be around as a result!
For my class this past week we were asked to schedule white space in our calenders - meaning unscheduled alone time.  It was not asked that we meditate or do something in particular with that time other than just take it for ourselves.  And here I have to admit that I have yet to schedule my white space.  Oops!  Guess I better get on that!

Thinking about my need for space got me remembering one of my favorite scenes from Sex and the City.  Yes - that show has some great, thought-provoking material in it!  Aiden and Carrie are living together and she's not used to sharing her apartment yet and is feeling smothered by him -- and well watch what happens....

I love that she tells him exactly what she needs!  Now - it's T.V. and they resolved things rather easily and quickly in my opinion - but you get the point. 

Brene says it so well  --

Sometimes the only way to cultivate more rest and play in our lives is to schedule nothingness with the same tenacity and commitment that we schedule our work and/or our family commitments.
Your assignment today is to sit down with your calendar and schedule non-negotiable white space over the next two weeks. We’d love to hear about your strategies for carving the time and maintaining the boundaries!
Self-care is self-love.

Amen sister!  And now -- where's my calender??


  1. What's up? Where ya been? Who'd you see???? Thanks for the reminder :)