Monday, February 21, 2011

I ate a hamburger and I liked it

First of all let me just say Happy Presidents Day! It's the day when we celebrate all our president's right? Umm - yeah whatever - I'm just happy to have a Monday kinda off.
I think I may have mentioned in some earlier posts about my general dislike for the month of February. I know it has Valentines day going for it, but other than that it just feels like a nothing, blah kind of month. Most importantly it's a crap month when it comes to clothes because all my winter stuff feels stale and boring but it's too freaking cold to break out spring stuff. So shopping loses it's allure. And friends - it's a sad day when shopping does not feel like a fun numbing - type option!
All that to say that I've been faced with a three day weekend in which my husband is sick, the kids are bored, and shopping therapy is not really helping either. What's a girl to do?

I guess eat a hamburger.

Yesterday we promised the kids we'd take them to a movie and after some general turmoil in trying to get ourselves there (our 1st movie pick was SOLD OUT!), we ended up stopping in at Five Guys Burgers and Fries for an early dinner before the movie.

Here's where I tangent - hold on....

So I don't really eat hamburgers in general. In fact I used to be a vegetarian. It had everything to do with being a little kid and passing by a farm with cute little innocent cows standing around RIGHT NEXT to a sign that said "BEEF 4 SALE", in RED, dripping paint no less! It was very traumatic for my animal loving self to make that connection, and so when I finally did allow meat back into my diet, I could never fully shake the "BEEF" sign image from my little head. I avoided hamburgers. It's not that I would never eat them, just that I didn't really prefer or enjoy them.

Fast forward to yesterday and here we are at a burger joint. I quickly scanned the menu to see if there was a veggie or chicken option, fish maybe? But, no. This place is your basic hamburger/hot dog joint. No fuss, no frills, just the cold, hard beef. So I decided I'd bite the bullet and order the regular cheeseburger. Worst case scenario - Tom would eat it for me.

After going through the various topping options (there's ALOT OF OPTIONS), I sat down to eat my burger.  Mine had grilled onion, mushrooms, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and the basic condiments.  And guys, it was really good!  It wasn't like crazy, drippy, messy beefy good.  More like just a really good, basic, homemade non-greasy hamburger.  And the fries - well they were REALLY good.  I could dream about those fries.  I could have "must have them" fry-runs with the fries. 

So, I ate a hamburger and I liked it. 

But the sign is something I'll never forget....


  1. I discovered 5 Guys in Beaverton when I was working up there I really like it. I like their cajun fries and their hot dogs as well.

  2. Ha! You crack me up! BTW when I go there I get the veggie option. No beef. Maybe it's just in weird California?

  3. oh & I love your photo! Bright & colorful!!!