Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Mr. Veen:  I'm sorry you still have a cold.  The first night you make it through without snoring may be cause for a small celebration.  Dear pyrex stacking dishes with lids:  you make me so happy I actually *might* have done a little dance in the kitchen while putting leftovers in you last night.  Dear Mom:  I think you missed your calling as the official blog PR person in my little circle of friends.  Also - I think you need to start your own blog - it would be mighty entertaining!  That's all.  Dear Ingrid:  you are like my music comfort food.  This is one of the only songs of yours I don't own - might have to remedy that very soon!  Dear coffee pot:  every time I hear you complete your cycle I get a twinge of excitement for the goodness about to come my way.  And last to Mr. Veen:  thanks for being my parachute - over and out!

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