Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tiny rant and Bedroom Reveal!

I am so annoyed right now!  The weather people have been pumping us all up in Oregon for a week now promising a big old fashioned snow storm.  Granted - it's not unusual at all for our local news people to be more than a little dramatic especially when it comes to snow, but this time around they PROMISED.  But even though I'm tweaked that they did not deliver on their promise (we've got maybe 1/2 inch here), I'm super irritated that our school district has decided to delay classes for 2 hours. 

Here's what happens when theres a 2 hour delay.  Our entire delicate balance and rhythm around here gets completely shot to hell!  It's not really enough time to just relax and enjoy, but it's too much time to have any kind of routine.  I'd like to say my kids will just sleep in, but I know they'll come out any minute and they'll want to make a snowman with our 1/4" inch of melting snow.  Great.  Fabulous.  Fun for all.

Sorry.  That was a tiny rant.

Moving on, I finally finished my coffee filter garland over the weekend!  I had seen the idea on a few different blogs and they talked about how simple and easy it was.  I thought "simple, easy" that sounds good to me.  Because when it comes to crafts if something isn't accomplished in a fairly short amount of time I'm just not that into it.  I need results, fast results!

I'm going to spare you the painful details of this "simple, easy" project, because there were things thrown and *words* used, but now that all is said and done I'm happy with the way things turned out.  It's amazing how a couple new nightstands, matching lamps, pillows and some paper can spruce a space up! 

obviously mama kitty approves...

And now I'm off to handle our 2 hour delay.  Have a wonderful day all - snow or no.

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  1. I completely agree with your rant, love the bedroom makeover...oh and tell Mama Kitty hello from me!