Thursday, March 31, 2011

Perfect Oregon Beach Day!

I've been thinking about the beach quite a bit lately for a few reasons:  I just returned from a weekend trip with my extended family, I'm looking forward to an anniversary trip in just a few short weeks, and I just plain LOVE the Oregon coast! 

I grew up going to the beach - namely Lincoln City - on a regular basis.  During my grade school years I remember packing up the car with buckets, shovels and kites and heading over to the coast for the day.  Often a lunch was packed and eaten at a picnic table at one of the many state parks along the drive to our final destination.  When we got to our beach spot my brother and I would start digging and flying kites and mom and dad would break out their books.  I loved searching for shells and agates along the shoreline and accumulated quite a collection during those years.  After several hours playing and relaxing we would head into either Lincoln City or Depoe Bay for some clam chowder and the inevitable stop at a candy store to pick out salt-water taffy to eat on the drive home.  I loved those drives home!

Now as a grown up with my own little family, we've created some new traditions around going to the beach.  Some of these activities and places change depending on if the entire family is along or it's just Mr. Veen and I.  However, I can vouch for the fabulous sure-fire sounds, places, activities and most importantly eats on this list.  Here's to a happy beach day!

For the drive over~ coffee and good music is a must!

Upon arrival if you haven't packed a lunch stop in at The Rockfish Bakery for a killer sandwich, pastry or slice of pizza.  For the true coffee addict Oregonian (ahem like me!) they also have great coffee!

Next if it's nice get out your flip-flops, grab your books and toys and head down to the beach!

If the weather's not great and you enjoy antiquing  - head back toward the Rockfish Bakery and find the Little Antique Mall.  Please note:  I will not be held responsible for any marital/familial discord that may result from the hours that you *might* be tempted to spend here.  Also note:  you will most likely need more coffee by this point  - and bonus - they have it here!

After beach combing and antiquing you might be ready for some dinner.  Here's where you have a few choices depending on what you feel like.  My first choice for an amazing view and fantastic food is Tidal Raves in Depoe Bay.  This place is simply amazing so be prepared to make reservations especially on weekends for dinner.  For another tasty option head back up the beach to The BlackFish Cafe (same owners as Rockfish Bakery) for gourmet food and wine.  While this place does not boost the view that Tidal Raves has, the food is Divine and the ambiance is artsy and refined yet cozy. 

Tidal Raves

By this time your belly should be full and your heart happy!  If you are lucky enough to have someplace to stay on the beach you are truly blessed.  If not, hopefully your significant other will be willing to navigate the drive home so you can bask in that calm, peaceful, satisfied feeling that only a perfect day at the Oregon coast provides.

Happy Travels!

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  1. You are persuasive...I may have to go enjoy our Oregon beach soon! Loved the writing, I felt like you took me on a journey! :)