Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Holiday & Some Tips For Weekend Hikers!

Yesterday we went on a hike to Driftcreek Falls near Lincoln City Oregon.  It was the quintessential misty, woodsy, hiking day and with camera in hand I eagerly anticipated wandering through the quiet sanctuary of  forest with my little family. 

Well, it was beautiful and woodsy but a quiet sanctuary was not in the cards for me.  As a result of my experience I have assembled the following list of tips for weekend hikers:

1.  While you  and your "church" group may be entertained by your own annoying, loud voice the rest of us are not.  Please shut up.

2.  Unsolicited advice is not something I welcome particularly coming from a total stranger.  Please take note that just because you have finished your hike while I have yet to start you are not suddenly an expert on appropriate hiking footwear.  My keens held up just fine and I got to wash the mud off later --- so there!

3.  This is not a race people.  There is no ribbon or metal when you reach the waterfall.  It will still be there no matter how fast you walk.  Have you not ever heard the phrase "joy in the journey"?  So for the love of God stop breathing down my neck!

4.  If you stop to take a group picture please be aware that there are other people who might want to pass you.  We can be patient for a few minutes but don't expect us to put up with outfit changes and makeup touch ups.  We are in the woods  - - this is not Hollywood.  

5.  While it is pleasant to nod and give a friendly smile as you pass by, some might find it annoying to assume that we are "insta-friends" just because we happen to be on the same trail on Memorial Day weekend.  There is no one to please or impress here.  I will not like you better if you flash me a mega watt toothy grin and loudly exclaim "Hi!!!!  HOW ARE YOU!!!"  Please just simmer down. 

P.S. Despite the above annoyances the hike really was beautiful!  Stay tuned for more pictures on Wednesday.

Wishing everyone a peaceful, relaxing day today!!


  1. Oh man. I am grinning and my face hurts right now. I am sorry your hiking didn't go well. But it gave you a nice blog post and really made my morning.

  2. love, love, love...wish I was there with you...would have made for some great crack ups!!