Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 2011: Favorite things

Here's a list of some of my current favorites in no particular order...

1.  This print from Lisa Cogdon.  It's currently hanging in my kitchen above my coffee pot where it makes me quite happy.

2.  Peonies.  They are pretty much done blooming but they have become my official favorite flower of June - so beautiful!

3.  These is my Words.  Reading it, loving it, completely addicted.  That's all.

4.  Platform Wedges.  For a girl who doesn't do well in heels I love these and actually look forward to wearing them.  I don't feel like I'm going to fall over and break my neck and they are truly comfortable.  Now I just need to find some time to paint my toes....

5.  This blog is so beautiful!  Check it out if you want to see some pretty photos...

6.  All things 1980's  have made a resurgence around my house these days.  We are rocking out to Michael Jackson and watching The Cosby show.  It's weird in a really good way!

7.  Strawberry Lemonade Martini.  It is my drink of the summer thanks to Carol  - go over here to get the recipe!

8.  My friend Kevin came over with the classic movie All that Heaven Allows last night.  I was unprepared for just how much I would love this film.  Not only is it visually breathtaking but it actually has a really great message too.  Of course it doesn't hurt that Rock Hudson is a total hunk either....

9.  Jake and Ella.  I love having these guys home for the summer.  Yes, it's crazy and chaotic at times but I also know it won't last forever and before I know it they'll have flown this little nest.  Sometimes I want to just freeze time and keep them 8 and 10 forever.  They are such wonderful little people!

10.  The Avett Brothers.  My friend Lance recently burned me ALL of their albums!  Thank you Lance - I am loving them:)

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  1. Thanks Erin. I am glad you are liking them. I really want to drink to many of the strawberry martinis with you soon