Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today is day five of sickness in my house.  It all started Saturday night when Ella developed a fever and soon after was losing all sorts of things if you know what I mean.  My poor little girl got so sick and dehydrated that she ended up in the hospital Tuesday into Wednesday in order to give her some IVs to replenish her out of whack electrolytes. 

I am happy to report that yesterday Ella was smiling - even laughed a few times and today marked the momentous act of eating her first real food in days a piece of toast!  Unfortunately, just as Ella started feeling better Jake's fever spiked to 103 and he's started losing some "things" too.  On a positive note Jake's symptoms seem (so far) much milder than Ella's so I am hopeful he'll bounce back a bit quicker than she did and won't require a stay in the hospital. 

How am I you ask?  Well - I am actually just happy to be in my own home, the director of my little sick ward.  We are stocked with all the essentials:  Gatorade, jello, chicken soup and Popsicle's.  Due to the wonder of Netflix we have videos galore.  So all in all - other than the fact that I have no idea what day it is or what might be happening out in the world -  I'm good.


  1. Don't those kids know that they are supposed to be sick during school not during summer vacation. That is some seriously poor planning on their part.

    I am sorry that they got so sick. Poor Ella. I am glad she is feeling better and that Jake is not feeling as bad as she was. I extend the healing powers of my mind to you. hummmmmmmmmmm