Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tantrums and Target

Yesterday the kids and I had to swing into Target for a few things.  Initially I noticed there were a few more kids than normal, but it wasn't until we had gotten into the various aisles and begun shopping that I picked up on something I can only describe as a different quality in the very air around us -

Tired,rude, grouchy moms with their bored, tired, rude, and very whiny children.

Summer break is officially upon us!

Don't get me wrong.  I have been at Target many, many times and witnessed this very same phenomenon.  But it was as if it was the moon had shifted and suddenly I was in some bad horror movie, one where bad parenting and awful children have taken over the world.  It was scary my friends.  All I could think was if I was a person even considering having/adopting/fostering a child ever, my decision would have been easily made for me.

And here is where I can't help but brag - forgive me.  Because amidst this chaos I looked over at these two -

and I was so proud.  Yes they fight, whine and sometimes are even rude.  Yes I get tired and grouchy and even rude sometimes too.  But yesterday in Target we were golden!  For a moment we were the cover of Parenting magazine and I felt it and let me tell you the feeling was sweet.  And I have to admit I even felt a little bit smug.  Just a tiny bit.  I'm sure nobody noticed.

Next time you see me in Target I may very well be contributing to the grouchy rude nightmare, so I needed to share this story just for the record.

I love my kids.

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