Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Small Tweak

As a small tweak to my Wordless Wednesdays I thought I would add words to my Wednesdays!  Because, anyone who knows me also knows I can't keep my mouth shut most of the time right?  Yeah, right.

I love capturing a moment and creating a memory.  So the idea is I'll keep sharing pictures on Wednesdays  - it might be just one or several - but along with the photo I want to share the stories and moments that I've captured. 

Over the holidays we rented a cabin in La Pine, which is about 30 minutes outside of Bend Oregon.  We had high hopes that there might be snow AT our cabin (which was kinda in the middle of nowhere), however mother nature had different plans.  These photos were taken after driving about 20 minutes up the mountain to a snow park which ended up not having hardly any snow.  Initially when we arrived at this spot all four of us were grouchy, there may even have been small tantrums and tears shed.  However, once the kids discovered that there was in fact enough snow to still sled and have fun, the mood turned quickly!  The hour or so we spent in this little mostly melted parking lot turned into a sweet memory for me, and a reminder of finding joy in unlikely places.

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