Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's Letter

Dear Mr. Veen:  there's no one on this earth I'd rather share a smile and laugh with.  Your eye crinkles are the BEST!  Dear Ella:  you are almost nine years old!  I'm so proud of you and the way you've grown in confidence this year.   Dear Spring:  I love the hope you bring to my rain soaked soul.  Thank you for tulips, bright green grass and the promise of warmer days.  Dear One Direction:  seriously, could you be any cuter?  I love my indie music - but there's something inherently fun about a little peppy boy band bubble gum tune once in awhile.  Dear Jake:  I wish I could protect you from all things that hurt - like broken hearts when good friends move away.  What a sweet and tender soul you are.  Dear me, myself and I: get a whole day OFF today!  Yippee!!


  1. I had "heard" of One Direction for so long that I tried to avoid them like the plague (lest I fall for another boy band) but then I accidentally "heard" one of their songs on the radio without knowing it was them! And I liked it!


  2. I didn't know I liked them, but apparently I do. I just want to know "one thing"...what is with their hair? Wonder what we would have thought of it 25 yrs ago if we could have flashed forward to see it! :)