Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday Ella!

Dear Ella,
Happy Birthday to my favorite girl!  It's hard for me to believe you're turning 9 years old this year - only one more year until the double digits.  
I am so proud of you!  You have grown up so much this year and it's fun to see your personality emerge in new ways all the time.  You have gotten more confident as the year has gone by - the nights of sleeping on the floor by mom and dads bed have ended!  You have a crazy, kooky sense of humor and belch like a sailor (that's from dad).  
Right now you are starting to transition from little girl world to tween world.  I still find you playing on the floor with polly pockets and zhu zhu pets, but not quite as much.  You are an amazing writer and artist and say you want to become an author when you grow up.  I have no doubt you will become whatever you set your sights on!  You are my strong, beautiful, amazing girl.  I love you Ella Rose!

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  1. Happy Birthday Miss Ella! What a sweet and affirming letter to your girl, be sure you print and save for future!
    I sometimes worry that the online "journals" will not become keepsakes as well as the real paper versions. (Sounding like a very old lady right there, I know!)