Monday, June 25, 2012


It's been awhile again since I've been to this little corner of the internet!  Life has been so busy, mostly good busy -- but crazy busy, annoying busy, and tiring busy too!  So it was with a great sigh of relief that I embarked on what has become an annual girls get away with my dear friend Jessica this past weekend. 

It's our fifth consecutive year getting away to Bend and every year is a little different.  This year our main goal was a big one = to acquire my first tattoo!  This tattoo is something I've been thinking about for quite a while now, mulling over ideas and pinning away inspiration.  About a year or so ago a spied a tattoo on one of my favorite blogs and felt I had found something that was right for me. 

The cameo idea appeals to me on so many levels and for me is symbolic of the beauty of feminine strength.  My Grandma Hay loved cameos and roses and was such a girly girl.  Definitely a lot of that passed on to me.  My Grandma Klein was whip smart and strong.  She loved to read and had a sharp bright wit.  Well, I think I have some of her in me too. 

My mom is so strong and beautiful.  Of course she's such a huge part of helping me become the woman I am today.  And now I look at my daughter and can't help but burst with pride as I see that quiet, assured strength blossoming in her.  I am a lucky, lucky girl to have such an amazing heritage and tribe of women!

I have been dubbed a "tough cream puff" by my dad since I was a little girl.  For me this tattoo represents the contradiction --a tattoo is sort of bad ass after all. 

And (plug your ears mom) - I have to admit that I now get why someone would get more than one tattoo. 

Although....nothing comes to mind.... just yet!


  1. Your tattoo is really pretty Erin, I love it! It does embrace both strength and femininity perfectly. And I too can understand why it could be tempting to get more! Pete's girlfriend is a tattoo artist so i am constantly tempted1

  2. Why am I just now finding out you have such a great nick-name?! "Tough cream puff" - I love it! And I love YOU! xo