Monday, May 14, 2012


Hello Sunshine!
Despite mine and my family's lingering sickness I had a most lovely Mother's Day weekend.  Because we were so low energy we decided to keep it simple and easy.  Thankfully the sun came out and the combination of warmth and all the beautiful spring flowers was all I needed to have a happy day.  Of course, my mothers day wouldn't have been complete without a glass (or two) of wine made most lovely by sharing it with my mom, dad and Tom on my parents haven of a patio.  I really do love long, lazy summer days!

We left my parents and after re-grouping at home decided to go for an evening stroll in the neighborhood.  A few blocks into our peaceful walk we had to cross a fairly busy intersection with no crosswalk.  As usual there was traffic going by as well as a two way stop, however the traffic was lighter than normal.  I was in front of our tribe and had made eye contact with a woman in a station wagon who had clearly given me the signal that she would wait for us to cross.  We were about halfway through the intersection when I realized she was yelling something at me.  "Huh"  I thought, "She's probably making a comment about mothers day and what a cute family I have".  I smiled and nodded at her.  It was then that I heard what she said in a rather angry tone:  "This is a REALLY dangerous intersection.  You SHOULD teach your children how to use the crosswalk and cross it properly!!!".  What?!  Did she seriously just say that?

Now usually I'm not the quickest responder to comments such as this one.  Generally I'm shocked that a stranger would feel the need to give their unsolicited advice.  I guess for me unless someone is clearly harming another person or animal I try to stay out of peoples business.  About five seconds passed so I really hope she heard me yell back "Or maybe you should MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!"

Ugg.  Of course this burst of emotion had to happen on the corner our church is on.  Of course.  Thankfully I didn't flip her off or use "language".  Believe me -- I felt like it.

I will say that it made for a good conversation with the kids on the remainder of our walk.  We discussed good comebacks.  Ella's was my favorite - "Mom, you should have said : Lady - you don't know who you're messing with!"   Ah, yes - that's my girl!

Here's some pic's of me and my sickies because we have to document Mothers Day 2012!

Ella was in her "make a silly face" mode....

Goodness how I love these little people!:)


  1. Love your photos! I feel better after reading your crossing the street saga. I may have to blog about my recent experience with that as well :)
    All I can say is, I'm glad YOU had the last word with that woman.

    1. Thanks Jessica! I would love to read about your experience!!:)

  2. I agree with Ella that woman didnot know who she was messing with!!!!YIKES!!

    1. nope, she did not! we may look like cream puffs - but we're tough:)