Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bieber Fever

A few nights ago Ella and I made history!  You see we've had the Justin Bieber bug in our house big time for the past two years.  It started with Jake discovering and soon adopting the Biebs' signature style and dance moves, but quickly was transferred to Ella and yes, me.  We have had many dance parties in the living room and sing alongs in the car to "Baby", "Boyfriend", and "Eenie Meenie". 

It was a no brainer to score some tickets when we heard Biebs was coming to the Rose Garden.  Since Jake has since moved on from public like of Bieber it was decided that Ella and I would go - making this her first concert ever.  

It was a loud, crazy night and super fun!!  I got to channel my inner pre-teen (not too hard for me) and we danced and sang along with the throngs of hyper fans.  The last time I had been to a concert like this one was back when I was sixteen and went to New Kids on the Block!  It was a memory making night for sure.  And just in case there are any out there who still question the talent of our Bieber I am here to say - the kid can sing, dance and generally entertain.  

Beliebers 4-ever!!!!:)

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  1. I have to admit, I love this song, but I really like this version even more!! Really showcases his voice!